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5 Wishes for global political Developments in 2014

I know, it has nothing to do with the topics I usually post, but I think it’s worth reading! ūüôā


In this time of exorbitant longing for more luxury goods I would have the completion of five wishes for the political development in 2014 which have at least a slight chance of realization. These would be:

First: Kim Jong-un, the 30-years-old supreme leader of North Korea, will be brought down and so the decades-long terror regime of the Kim dynasty comes to an end. At the first step, only the military is trustful enough to deliver the 24 million inhabitant. Because of the sparsely transpiring news it foreshadows which human tragedies happen in the numerous punishment camps where about 200.000 people are interned. According to ‚ÄúAmnesty International‚ÄĚ, one of the punishment camps, camp 16, is bigger than Austria¬īs capital Vienna in size, 20.000 people are jailed there.

Second: The international community finally succeeds to remove Assad`s murderous regime in Syria which is responsible for more than 130.000 killed…

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New Addiction: Demobaza

I’ve fallen in love lately. With a label. With an awesome label.

It’s called Demobaza and it’s from Sofia, Bulgaria.¬†

The designs of their clothes are something really special and cool. When I first clicked on their homepage, I was so impressed and it took me like three hours till I could get my hands off my laptop. Their clothes remind me of  two things I love: Ninjas and diverse video games like Tekken or this one fight game I used to play when I was about twelve years old. 

Their look book is so impressive and has such a strong look. I was so banned when I looked at all the pictures over and over again. I couldn’t resist anymore and bought myself leggings by Demobaza, which are actually my favorite piece of clothing now! I wish I had every single piece designed by them. I would run around the city and would feel pretty badass.¬†

And this is exactly what Demobaza is: badass. 

I seriously can’t stop fangirling but I have to right now.¬†

While I’m gonna cry because I can’t sleep in a bathtub full of Demobaza’s clothes, look at these sick pictures:¬†


918_1_15 912_1_9

945_1_43 916_1_13

910_1_7 927_1_24

868_1_man cover photo

885_1_man_AW13_17 875_1_man_AW13_7

876_1_man_AW13_8 896_1_man_AW13_28

882_1_man_AW13_14 887_1_man_AW13_19

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MyBlackBirds Secret Fashion Tip 2013

Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve found a new fashion piece which I think could be THE fashion piece of 2013.

It shows the logos of famous and iconic labels like Hermès, Céline, Gucci, Chanel and other high fashion brands which get spelled wrong.

The idea came from Brian Lichtenberg, who prints the name of famous labels on another, cool, fresh way.

So Hermès becomes Homies and Céline becomes Féline.

This great concept behind it is absolutely gorgeous! 

Here are some amazing people, who take this idea to a high fashioned level: 

miley miley in Lichtenberg mc

Actress Miley Cyrus loves Brians clothing line!


Singer Rihanna


Model Cara Delevingne 

Audrey Kitching

Blogger Audrey Kitching

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Weekly Style Inspiration: Bebe Zeva


Bebe Zeva is a 19 year old blogger, writer and model from Las Vegas.

She has had her Blog (ftbh stands for fated to be hated) for 3 years now. Bebe posts her outfit almost everyday, adds a headline and describes where she got the things and where she got the inspiration for it from. Her style is unique, sometimes very edgy and sometimes really elegant. 










I’ve got a huge girls-crush on her!¬†I found her profile on Lookbook 2 years ago and was inspired.¬†She’s one of the most famous people on Lookbook. Zeva modeled for I Am Charles and was profiled by New York Times, Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue.¬†So I started following her on Twitter and Instagram. Her IG is one of my favorites.

Zeva is kinda random and crazy, that’s what I really love about her.

Bebe once posted a picture of her sitting on the ground in front of her old high school: ” Last week I visited my old high school and took a pic, where I used to sit alone at lunch.” ¬†I was kinda shocked, because if I would have gone to school with her, I would always have wanted to be with her because I think she’s one of the most interesting people in the world. She can be very proud of herself, because with only 19 years, she brings fashion to a whole new level.

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MyBlackBirds in Kitzbuehl, Austria

I’m back from my trip to Kitzbuehl in Austria!¬†


It was a wellness trip with my mom for 4 days. Kitzbuehl is famous for its sk pistes, but my mom and me tought we need some time to relax. We were in a hotel called A-Rosa. This hotel wasn’t located in the center of the city. The food wasn’t good either, nor was there an Internet-connection and it was forbidden to smoke (even on the balcony!). However, the Spa area was great! We had lots of treatments like hot stone massage, manicure, pedicure, body peelings and baths with exotic oils. I love hot stone massages! You should definitely try it once. The stones give you energy and you’ll be super relaxed. Model and Designer Audrey Kitching loves it too and does it regularly.¬†

We went a little bit shopping, but there weren’t so many shops. If you don’t have the time for a wellness trip and really need one, here are some products for a day of relaxing:¬†


Divine Calm Serenity Milk Bath Powder by Body Shop


Deep Sleep Essential Oil by Body Shop


Himalayan Dead Sea Bath Soak by


Natural Aromatherapy Rose Oil by


Energizing Fragrant Mist by SpaRitual

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New Obsession: Black Lace and Metallic Colors

I’ve got a new obsession with black lace and metallic colors!

First of all: Black lace.

It can can look really feminine worn as a dress or if you match a black lace top with a red plaid shirt or a denim shirt for example, it looks casual and cool.

Black lace is an all-rounder, that’s why I’m obsessed with it. Not just me!¬†

Here are some pictures of celebs, who added gorgeous black lace to their outfits:


Model Agyness Deyn


Singer Ke$ha


Actress Lucy Hale

Hayden Panettiere Visits The David Letterman Show In NYC

Actress Hayden Panettiere


Burlesque-dancer Dita van Teese


Actress Kristen Stewart

My second obsession are metallic colors! I love them sooo much! As nail polish or as clothes. I bought myself a pair of jeans in silver by Black Orchid lately and if I could, I would marry those jeans! 


If you wear jeans like mine, combine with colors like white, black, nude, etc. It will look stunning and not too overdone. 

A lot of designers use metallic colors right now in their fashion shows and collections. Take a look: 


Proenza Schouler











I just wanna say, that those are my personal obsessions right now, not something ‘√† la mode’. However, maybe these things will become your obsessions too.¬†

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MyBlackBirds’13 – Back From My Trip To Cape Town & Namibia

I’m finally back from my trip to Cape Town and Namibia in Africa!

I hope y’all had a beautiful Christmas and New Years Eve!

My NYE was a bit of awkward: I spent it at a beach party with my parents and was the youngest of all the people at this party…about 20 years younger than everybody. I didn’t even had a NYE-dress (It killed my inside!).However it was fun.

I did even a to-do-better-in-2013-list:

‚̧ Blog more often!!

‚̧ wear more jewelry

‚̧ enjoy life more and go outside more

‚̧ finally getting my drivers license(!)

‚̧ do more travel-trips with friends

I was in Cape Town for one week.It’s a really beautiful city!Here are some pictures:

IMG_9599 IMG_9659

IMG_9689 IMG_9709

IMG_9670 IMG_9713

On the 2nd of January I took the plane to Namibia. I was on Safari for two days but unfortunately I didn’t see many exotic animals…

IMG_9723 IMG_9730

IMG_9756 IMG_9765

IMG_9716 IMG_9742

Next week I’ll blog about my new addiction to black lace and metallic colors – stay tuned!