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Agyness Deyn x Dr.Martens Collection ‘N The Pre-Party In Hamburg

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I was invited to the pre-event party of the new collection by Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens in Hamburg

Agy designed a strictly limited collection for the icon-label Dr.Martens, mainly clothes not shoes, but in such a creative way.You can wear every piece in more than one way.For her collection she mixed cuteness with edgy elements, for example these creepers and this eye-catcher heart bag:

Genius girl!

I grabbed my best friend Lisa and we flew to Hamburg for two days.In the evening, we went to the pre-event of Deyn’s collection.It was a great and funny eve!We got a lot of free food and champaign, but the best part was that we could see and buy the collection before the others could.

Here are some photos of the event,which I took with my phone or which were taken of us:





Hamburg is a really beautiful city, I took some pictures of it too:



The trip to Hamburg was very spontaneous and I recommend all of you to do such a trip for two days with your Bff’s, just because of this feeling of freedom and you can leave your problems at home (please just for two days because we can’t run away from them)!

Hope y’all have fun on your trips ❤ 


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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