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Weekly Style Inspiration: Ari Seth Cohen

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This time, our weekly style inspiration is Ari Seth Cohen, an American fashion blogger.

Ari isn’t a typical fashion blogger, he doesn’t write about young new-comers.He writes about the opposite: older people far away from their 60s.He takes pictures of fashionable ladies and men on the street of NYC, different parks and boutiques.


Jenny and Debra


Marcia and Tziporah


Peter and Joyce 

He grew up with his granny, who was a very fashionable lady, and always had a good relationship with older people. ‘Advanced Style’, his blogname, is a collection of (mostly) ladies, which enjoy their later years with grace and panache unlike any others seen before. He shows us that age is nothing but a number. 

In an interview, Ari said that older people don’t have to impress their bosses or friends, they wear what they want and don’t give a sh*t about fashion and trends. I think we all should do the same and I also think we can learn a lot from these old ladies, which Ari photographed.

Not only that, Cohen has also published a book about his work with these ladies. 

It’s called ‘Advanced Style’ (so it’s the same name as his blog):

I took Ari Cohen as weekly style inspiration because he inspired me a lot with his own meaning of beauty and style.I can’t wait to see his documentary, which he’s recording at the moment, but I have the trailer for you: – Advanced Style Film Trailer – 

and don’t forget to check out his blog: – Advanced Style Blog – 


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

One thought on “Weekly Style Inspiration: Ari Seth Cohen

  1. Such a cool idea the ‘advanced style blog’ – a great blogger as well: Ari Seth Cohen

    Karen x x

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