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Trends for September 2012

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I’m so sorry guys but I didn’t have so much time recently because I was moving and had to do a lot of different things in my room.When I’m finished with all the cleaning, I’ll make an exclusive video for you guys, where I’m gonna show you my room, my favorite items and some of my old memories.But you’ll have to wait a little bit (: 

Anyway, a girl asked me anonymously on formspring if I could write about the hottest and latest trends for the next month (if you wanna see a specific topic, just write me an e-mail, you’ll find my address when you click on ‘About’)

So here we go: 

Designers, like Eli Saab, want to see gold, paillettes and glitter everywhere: so watch out for some golden pants, tee’s and dresses! 


Eli Saab Fall 2012                                Michael Kors Fall 2012                      American Apparel 

Yes,Sir! I agree,Sir! The strict Military Look is ‘in’ again:

Burberry Fall 2012                              Victoria Beckham Fall 2012              Zara                                                         

♪ Black Velvet and that little boy’s smile… ♫ One of my favorite materials, Velvet, is this season’s number one!

Gucci Fall 2012                                    Ralph Lauren Fall 2012             

Do it like Barney Stinson – and suit it up! Blazers and pantsuits look sexy this season:

Prada Fall 2012                                   Louis Vuitton Fall 2012                      H&M

Aaand the winner of this season’s favorite shoes are: Loafers. Loafers in every color, design and material! 


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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