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Weekly Style Inspiration: Kat Dennings

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‘2 Broke Girls’ started only a few weeks ago in German TV’s but one thing is clear now: I have a huge girls-crush on Kat Dennings.

Max, the broken girl she plays in this sitcom is a really funny and sassy girl (that’s how I like my girls), who wears dark-red and brown lipstick all the time.

You mostly see her in her waitress uniform in the series.


However, the most impressive thing about her is, that Dennings is the contrary of the typical actress.

The unwritten rule in the cruel world of Hollywood is to be thin, thinner, the thinnest.But Kat proves that you don’t have to be thin to be a good actress.

She impresses with her super feminine hourglass figure and got the ‘Future Stars of Tomorrow’-Award.

Kat has two different shades of lipstick, which she is wearing all time and also wears body hugging clothes because she loves herself as she is and I think this is one of many reasons to be inspired by her.





I think she is one of the prettiest girls ever, but when I saw this picture of her, I couldn’t even breath anymore.She looks so stunning in this red dress by J Mendel at the Emmy Awards in September 2012: 


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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