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MyBlackBirds’13 – Back From My Trip To Cape Town & Namibia

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I’m finally back from my trip to Cape Town and Namibia in Africa!

I hope y’all had a beautiful Christmas and New Years Eve!

My NYE was a bit of awkward: I spent it at a beach party with my parents and was the youngest of all the people at this party…about 20 years younger than everybody. I didn’t even had a NYE-dress (It killed my inside!).However it was fun.

I did even a to-do-better-in-2013-list:

❤ Blog more often!!

❤ wear more jewelry

❤ enjoy life more and go outside more

❤ finally getting my drivers license(!)

❤ do more travel-trips with friends

I was in Cape Town for one week.It’s a really beautiful city!Here are some pictures:

IMG_9599 IMG_9659

IMG_9689 IMG_9709

IMG_9670 IMG_9713

On the 2nd of January I took the plane to Namibia. I was on Safari for two days but unfortunately I didn’t see many exotic animals…

IMG_9723 IMG_9730

IMG_9756 IMG_9765

IMG_9716 IMG_9742

Next week I’ll blog about my new addiction to black lace and metallic colors – stay tuned!


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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