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Weekly Style Inspiration: Bebe Zeva

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Bebe Zeva is a 19 year old blogger, writer and model from Las Vegas.

She has had her Blog (ftbh stands for fated to be hated) for 3 years now. Bebe posts her outfit almost everyday, adds a headline and describes where she got the things and where she got the inspiration for it from. Her style is unique, sometimes very edgy and sometimes really elegant. 










I’ve got a huge girls-crush on her! I found her profile on Lookbook 2 years ago and was inspired. She’s one of the most famous people on Lookbook. Zeva modeled for I Am Charles and was profiled by New York Times, Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue. So I started following her on Twitter and Instagram. Her IG is one of my favorites.

Zeva is kinda random and crazy, that’s what I really love about her.

Bebe once posted a picture of her sitting on the ground in front of her old high school: ” Last week I visited my old high school and took a pic, where I used to sit alone at lunch.”  I was kinda shocked, because if I would have gone to school with her, I would always have wanted to be with her because I think she’s one of the most interesting people in the world. She can be very proud of herself, because with only 19 years, she brings fashion to a whole new level.


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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