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MyBlackBirds Secret Fashion Tip 2013

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Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve found a new fashion piece which I think could be THE fashion piece of 2013.

It shows the logos of famous and iconic labels like Hermès, Céline, Gucci, Chanel and other high fashion brands which get spelled wrong.

The idea came from Brian Lichtenberg, who prints the name of famous labels on another, cool, fresh way.

So Hermès becomes Homies and Céline becomes Féline.

This great concept behind it is absolutely gorgeous! 

Here are some amazing people, who take this idea to a high fashioned level: 

miley miley in Lichtenberg mc

Actress Miley Cyrus loves Brians clothing line!


Singer Rihanna


Model Cara Delevingne 

Audrey Kitching

Blogger Audrey Kitching


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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