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New Addiction: Demobaza

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I’ve fallen in love lately. With a label. With an awesome label.

It’s called Demobaza and it’s from Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The designs of their clothes are something really special and cool. When I first clicked on their homepage, I was so impressed and it took me like three hours till I could get my hands off my laptop. Their clothes remind me of  two things I love: Ninjas and diverse video games like Tekken or this one fight game I used to play when I was about twelve years old. 

Their look book is so impressive and has such a strong look. I was so banned when I looked at all the pictures over and over again. I couldn’t resist anymore and bought myself leggings by Demobaza, which are actually my favorite piece of clothing now! I wish I had every single piece designed by them. I would run around the city and would feel pretty badass. 

And this is exactly what Demobaza is: badass

I seriously can’t stop fangirling but I have to right now. 

While I’m gonna cry because I can’t sleep in a bathtub full of Demobaza’s clothes, look at these sick pictures: 


918_1_15 912_1_9

945_1_43 916_1_13

910_1_7 927_1_24

868_1_man cover photo

885_1_man_AW13_17 875_1_man_AW13_7

876_1_man_AW13_8 896_1_man_AW13_28

882_1_man_AW13_14 887_1_man_AW13_19


Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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