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5 Wishes for global political Developments in 2014

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I know, it has nothing to do with the topics I usually post, but I think it’s worth reading! 🙂


In this time of exorbitant longing for more luxury goods I would have the completion of five wishes for the political development in 2014 which have at least a slight chance of realization. These would be:

First: Kim Jong-un, the 30-years-old supreme leader of North Korea, will be brought down and so the decades-long terror regime of the Kim dynasty comes to an end. At the first step, only the military is trustful enough to deliver the 24 million inhabitant. Because of the sparsely transpiring news it foreshadows which human tragedies happen in the numerous punishment camps where about 200.000 people are interned. According to “Amnesty International”, one of the punishment camps, camp 16, is bigger than Austria´s capital Vienna in size, 20.000 people are jailed there.

Second: The international community finally succeeds to remove Assad`s murderous regime in Syria which is responsible for more than 130.000 killed…

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Author: myblackbirds

I find inspirations everywhere

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