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Weekly Style Inspiration: Kat Dennings

‘2 Broke Girls’ started only a few weeks ago in German TV’s but one thing is clear now: I have a huge girls-crush on Kat Dennings.

Max, the broken girl she plays in this sitcom is a really funny and sassy girl (that’s how I like my girls), who wears dark-red and brown lipstick all the time.

You mostly see her in her waitress uniform in the series.


However, the most impressive thing about her is, that Dennings is the contrary of the typical actress.

The unwritten rule in the cruel world of Hollywood is to be thin, thinner, the thinnest.But Kat proves that you don’t have to be thin to be a good actress.

She impresses with her super feminine hourglass figure and got the ‘Future Stars of Tomorrow’-Award.

Kat has two different shades of lipstick, which she is wearing all time and also wears body hugging clothes because she loves herself as she is and I think this is one of many reasons to be inspired by her.





I think she is one of the prettiest girls ever, but when I saw this picture of her, I couldn’t even breath anymore.She looks so stunning in this red dress by J Mendel at the Emmy Awards in September 2012: 


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MyBlackBirds Halloween Special

Halloween, the most crazy-fashioned day of the year.

It depends in which country you’re living how many sexy nurses, witches, goths and vampires you’ll see tonight.

I’ve never been in America at Halloween to see all the decorated houses, pumpkins on the streets, kids who play trick’n treat and all the super creative costumes.

However, I love Halloween!

You can look crazy as fuck and nobody cares. You can be whatever you want to be or dress like you would never dress.

In my country, you don’t really dress up for Halloween…I just had black lipstick on.

Have you ever tried black lipstick?

I fell in love with black lipstick! Every girl should try it one time and Halloween is the best day for trying it out.

It can look so gorgeous if you match with decent make-up:

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana

”Dazed & Rouged”-Blogger Dina

me wearing black lipstick for a black and white party

blogger and fashion designer Stella Rose

Or do it like Lisa Miho and Audrey Kitching and try the Skull-Make-Up:

Audrey Kitching


Lisa Mitterhofer

If you like this picture of beauty Lisa please go and like it on Lookbook:

And if you only want to watch horror movies, here’s a list of some good movies:

American Mary (2012)

IT (1990)

The Exorcist (1973)

Paranormal Activity:Tokyo Night (2010)

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

The Grudge (2004)

It’s pretty late for this article, but I had technical problems with my laptop, hope you had a happy Halloween!

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MQ Vienna Fashion Week, Friday 09/14 2012

Guys I’m so sorry that I haven’t written any articles in a while, I had so much to do and no time to write anything. I hope you understand me. 

Love y’all guys. 

On Friday the 14th of September, I was invited to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2012. I sat in the first row as a VIP guest the whole time (what a honor).

I saw seven different designers and their work. It was my first fashion show and I was really excited. I went with my friend Josi and this were our looks: 


I saw so many different street styles and different characters on the show, it was incredible how many well dressed people there were. I had to ask a girl if I could take a picture of her because I was so fascinated and inspired of her: 

Bloggerin Borjana (visit her blog under

The first show consisted three different brands: Slang Slang, Ssamaryll and Nubu (my personal favorite was Nubu): 


Slang Slang Fall/Winter Collection


Ssmarayll Fall/Winter Collection


Nubu Fall/Winter Collection

The second show was made by liniert, a totally crazy and freaky brand: 


Liniert Fall/Winter Collection

The third show was made by Kayiko:


Kayiko Fall/Winter Collection 

And the most hyped and most popular show was made by the brand Tiberius. I think Tiberius has such a big potential to go international. Two friends of mine walked in this show. I’m very proud of Marie and Luca. They were unbelievable! 

Marie for Tiberius 

Luca for Tiberius 


Tiberius Fall/Winter Collection 

The last show was a little bit boring and too simple for me.Made by the brand Lothar Daniel Bechtold:


Lothar Daniel Bechtold Fall/Winter Collection

If you wanna see videos or get more informations about the MQ Vienna Fashion Week visit their Homepage!

I had the time of my life and I’ll definitely go again to the FW next year! 

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Trends for September 2012

I’m so sorry guys but I didn’t have so much time recently because I was moving and had to do a lot of different things in my room.When I’m finished with all the cleaning, I’ll make an exclusive video for you guys, where I’m gonna show you my room, my favorite items and some of my old memories.But you’ll have to wait a little bit (: 

Anyway, a girl asked me anonymously on formspring if I could write about the hottest and latest trends for the next month (if you wanna see a specific topic, just write me an e-mail, you’ll find my address when you click on ‘About’)

So here we go: 

Designers, like Eli Saab, want to see gold, paillettes and glitter everywhere: so watch out for some golden pants, tee’s and dresses! 


Eli Saab Fall 2012                                Michael Kors Fall 2012                      American Apparel 

Yes,Sir! I agree,Sir! The strict Military Look is ‘in’ again:

Burberry Fall 2012                              Victoria Beckham Fall 2012              Zara                                                         

♪ Black Velvet and that little boy’s smile… ♫ One of my favorite materials, Velvet, is this season’s number one!

Gucci Fall 2012                                    Ralph Lauren Fall 2012             

Do it like Barney Stinson – and suit it up! Blazers and pantsuits look sexy this season:

Prada Fall 2012                                   Louis Vuitton Fall 2012                      H&M

Aaand the winner of this season’s favorite shoes are: Loafers. Loafers in every color, design and material! 

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Weekly Style Inspiration: Ari Seth Cohen

This time, our weekly style inspiration is Ari Seth Cohen, an American fashion blogger.

Ari isn’t a typical fashion blogger, he doesn’t write about young new-comers.He writes about the opposite: older people far away from their 60s.He takes pictures of fashionable ladies and men on the street of NYC, different parks and boutiques.


Jenny and Debra


Marcia and Tziporah


Peter and Joyce 

He grew up with his granny, who was a very fashionable lady, and always had a good relationship with older people. ‘Advanced Style’, his blogname, is a collection of (mostly) ladies, which enjoy their later years with grace and panache unlike any others seen before. He shows us that age is nothing but a number. 

In an interview, Ari said that older people don’t have to impress their bosses or friends, they wear what they want and don’t give a sh*t about fashion and trends. I think we all should do the same and I also think we can learn a lot from these old ladies, which Ari photographed.

Not only that, Cohen has also published a book about his work with these ladies. 

It’s called ‘Advanced Style’ (so it’s the same name as his blog):

I took Ari Cohen as weekly style inspiration because he inspired me a lot with his own meaning of beauty and style.I can’t wait to see his documentary, which he’s recording at the moment, but I have the trailer for you: – Advanced Style Film Trailer – 

and don’t forget to check out his blog: – Advanced Style Blog – 

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Agyness Deyn x Dr.Martens Collection ‘N The Pre-Party In Hamburg

I was invited to the pre-event party of the new collection by Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens in Hamburg

Agy designed a strictly limited collection for the icon-label Dr.Martens, mainly clothes not shoes, but in such a creative way.You can wear every piece in more than one way.For her collection she mixed cuteness with edgy elements, for example these creepers and this eye-catcher heart bag:

Genius girl!

I grabbed my best friend Lisa and we flew to Hamburg for two days.In the evening, we went to the pre-event of Deyn’s collection.It was a great and funny eve!We got a lot of free food and champaign, but the best part was that we could see and buy the collection before the others could.

Here are some photos of the event,which I took with my phone or which were taken of us:





Hamburg is a really beautiful city, I took some pictures of it too:



The trip to Hamburg was very spontaneous and I recommend all of you to do such a trip for two days with your Bff’s, just because of this feeling of freedom and you can leave your problems at home (please just for two days because we can’t run away from them)!

Hope y’all have fun on your trips ❤ 

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Happy Birthday Cara Delevingne!

Today, on the 12th of August, is Cara Delevingne’s Birthday!

The British model and It-Girl turned 20 today and as a ‘present’ I wanna write Sundays article about her:

I personally like her very much and I think she’s a really beautiful girl.Besides her beauty, this year she had a lot of cover shootings for different magazines and walked for the new york fashion week, check ’em out: 

C. for the German magazine Tush 

C. for the British magazine i-D 


C. for Burberry 

C. for the French magazine Jalouse 

Not only that, Cara is also the new face of Russh Magazine, here’s her cover picture and a video: – Cara Delevingne for Russh Magazine – 

I wish her all the best for her career and (love-)life, if the gossip is true that she’s dating Harry Styles, and hope she had an amazing 20th birthday!

Keep it up girl ❤